Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Chronology

The chronology of the Kingdom Hearts series mostly only using info from the first pages of the Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Riku-replica (Page 45 bottom half)

A puppet identical to Riku created by the organization:

KH Appearances: COM

A replica puppet Vexen created using sample battle data from Riku.  Although his appearance and abilities are equal to those of the real Riku, he feels he is nothing more than a fake which causes him to have an inferiority complex, and he ended up losing to the real Riku in battle.

[COM]At first he was enthusiastic about having the chance to defeat both the real Riku and Sora, but when Namine used her power to change his memory and make him forget he was a fake, he began to behave more like the real Riku.

[COM]Unlike the real Riku, he has no fear of the darkness, and holds no hesitation when it comes to using dark powers in battle.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Xigbar (Braig) (Page 40 Top)

The free shooter with a secret deep in the glitter in his eyes:

KH Appearances: 2, Days, 3D
Organization XIII No.2
Element: Space

“The traitor is gonna vanish.  As if.”

This one eyed man is the oldest member to join Organization XIII.  He has been working with Xehanort since when he was a human.  Although he was once defeated by Sora, he reappeared as one of the 13 Seekers of Darkness.

Blaig (Human Era (correct spelling is Braig))
KH Appearances: BbS, Re:Coded (only in secret movie in 2.5), 3D

He worked as a member of the attack squad while he was an apprentice to Ansem the Wise at Radiant Garden.  He supported Xehanort’s plans upon meeting him and eventually became a Nobody.

[2]Wearing an eye patch on his right eye and having a scar on his left cheek he would appear to be a powerful warrior who has seen much battle, yet he adds silly words like “As if,” at the end of his sentences and likes to belittle others.

[2]He knew Ventus back when he was a human, and knowing Ventus, Roxas and Roxas’ original being Sora, Xigbar will make statements relating to all of them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Memorial - Goofy (Page 25)

The easygoing and kind palace knight captain:

KH Appearances: 1, COM, 2, Days (only in Mission Mode), coded, BbS, 3D
Origin: Two Weeks Vacation (1932) (※first appearance is 1932, first main title is TWV?

The captain of the palace guards at Disney Castle.  When searching for the king along with Donald he met Sora and ever since the three of them have been traveling together with an ever growing friendship.  He’s kind and easy going, and always has warming words of comfort.  Despite being a knight, he dislikes disputes and hurting others and thus holds no weapon, but keeps a shield which he uses when battling the Heartless.

“We’re all friends, right!”

[1]He doesn’t like to fight, but when his friends are in trouble he is there to help without second thought.

[COM]Although along with Sora and Donald, Goofy too begins losing his memories in Castle Oblivion, he keeps his worried friends’ spirits high.

Palace Knight Captain Clothing [1, coded, BbS, 3D]: Aside from traveling to outside worlds, Goofy usually wears a knight-like armor.  He holds his shield with his right hand and his left arm is covered in armor.

[2]He seems to be a bit dull, but to everyone’s surprise can also be very sharp and without even realizing it seems to get right to the core of situations.

[BbS] Donald heads to the Mysterious Tower upon hearing that the king had suddenly left Yen Sid’s tower.  He meets Ventus while waiting for the king to return.

[3D]Unexpected by Xehanort, Goofy shows up to help Sora and Mickey and stops True Organization XIII’s plans.